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Premium Edition

This website hosts various ways to read the book Follow Me by Richard Spencer:

  • To read on this website: click here.
  • To download a PDF file click here.
  • To download to a Kindle click here, or search for ‘Richard Spencer Follow Me’ on your Kindle.
  • To obtain a bound, printed copy please email 
  • To read ‘Follow Me’ as a hyperbook: this click here.

Please ignore the grey bars labelled Settings, Chapter, Map, unless you are reading Follow Me as a hyperbook. 

The King’s advice in Alice in Wonderland is usually sound when reading a book: “Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”; but for some books another way may be helpful.  A hyperbook is an online book (or e-book) whose chapters may be read in any order. The hyperbook system keep track of which chapters have been read by presenting a map of the entire book, with the chapters coloured accordingly:

  • grey: you have not seen this chapter
  • green: you have started to read this chapter
  • pale blue: you have partially read this chapter
  • dark blue: you have completed this chapter

Other colours are can be used to indicate whether a chapter is highlighted, needs to be revisited, or has received one or more comments.

Please email ( or ring (01279 902450) with comments or questions.

Follow Me front cover